For Sellers

The Importance of First Impressions

When selling your home, the initial impressions play a crucial role. A potential buyer forms a quick decision on whether they're interested in considering or exploring your home based on their first glance. How does your home appear at that moment? Stand on the sidewalk in front of your home and critically observe. Do you find it appealing? Would others?

The presentation of your front garden, walkway, and entrance can significantly influence the interest of even the most selective house hunter. Adhere to these guidelines to guarantee that your property exudes ample curb appeal.

How Do I Measure Up?

Evaluate your home in comparison to others on the street. How does it stack up? Is the yard well-maintained and tidy? Do the eaves and trim boast a sharp, clean look? Assess the condition of the exterior paint and roof. Identify the most appealing house on the street and make note of any features or details that you can incorporate into your own property—while maintaining a subtle approach, of course.

Make It Sparkle!

Regardless of the season, make sure sidewalks, driveways, and pathways are clear of garden debris and litter. This applies to eaves and porches as well. When was the last time you cleaned your storm door or mailbox? Grab some vinegar and newsprint, and give your front windows a thorough cleaning to make them sparkle..

Yard Care

Even if your lawn stands out as the neighborhood's pride, invest the time to guarantee that the edges are precisely trimmed and the space remains relatively weed-free. If new sod is needed, plant it promptly, as it will take a few weeks to seamlessly integrate with the existing grass. Infuse vibrancy into your porch or window boxes with colorful plants. Maintain the tidiness of your garden throughout the year. Even during winter, shrubs and trees exhibit their finest appearance when old leaves and growth are cleared away.

Does The Outside Pop?

If your siding appears worn rather than stylish, contemplate giving it a fresh coat of paint. Occasionally, merely refreshing the trim and fascia can revitalize your home's exterior. Alternatively, if your property features vinyl siding, use a power washer to restore its appearance. Begin from the top and progress downward, and if time is limited, concentrate on the side that potential buyers notice first.

What About After The Sun Goes Down

Remember to consider the appearance of your home's exterior after sunset. Knowledgeable home buyers often visit properties of interest at various times, including nighttime. Is your front yard still welcoming in the dark? Are walkways adequately illuminated, or do kids avoid your house on Halloween because it's too frightening? It could be as straightforward as updating your front porch fixture or incorporating solar-powered garden lights to enhance the evening charm of your yard.

We Know They Are Part Of The Family

A potential buyer should not be able to discern the presence of a pet simply by observing your lawn. While birdfeeders are appreciated by wildlife, it's advisable to relocate them during an open house to maintain the yard's cleanliness and prevent squirrels and sparrows from surprising onlookers. Additionally, ensure personal items like sports equipment and toys are neatly stowed away.

It Feels Like Home!

Give the doorknobs a shine and remove the dust from the welcome mat! One detail often neglected by homeowners is the visibility of their house number. Is it easily seen from the street? If not, contemplate relocating it, or even better, invest in some eye-catching new numbers for clear identification. Now, step onto your front porch. Does it exude a welcoming feeling? Take note of what captures your attention first, whether positive or negative, and make any necessary adjustments.

Let Us Help With This

This may all feel a little overwhelming.  The Ladies of Royal LePage are experienced in helping to guide homeowners on what to do and more importantly what not to do to prepare your home. Putting in a bit of effort can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal, making it more enticing to potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of receiving competitive bids. We will advise you on what to do inside and out and can provide the assistance in getting it done!  Everything is always your decision in the end but we can help with the ideas and information and the people to help with the work.